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🔥Circus игра🔥

Circus is a block breaker arcade game released by Exidy inand distributed by Taito in Japan.

Плей фортуна

The game has been copied and released under different names by numerous other companies in both the United States and Japan. Three rows of triangular balloons move along the top part of the screen, each overlaid with blue, green, and yellow colors used in the original плей fortuna фортуна официальныйcounting from the top row. A clown appears from the edge of the screen where there is a jumping board, and the player must move the springboard located at the bottom of the screen so that the clown can bounce back off the seesaw once he jumps off from his starting position. However, it is impossible to make contact with the clown with the seesaw in certain locations.

The four circus игра boards located on the sides of the screen serve to decrease the area where it is impossible to make contact.

Автоматы вулкан играть бесплатно

If the player successfully gets the clown onto the seesaw, the clown on the other side shoots off into the air towards the three rows circus игра balloons on the top of the screen. The clown may not have enough speed to reach the balloons if the first clown does not land squarely on the seesaw. Clowns bounce off of balloons, walls, and jumping boards, but will pass directly through multiple balloons if they are moving quickly enough. They will circus игра bounce off the jumping boards when they are heading downwards and will pass straight through the boards while moving upwards.

circus игра

Hitting any of the balloons with the clown causes them to burst, and the player receives 20 points for bursting the yellow balloon, 50 points for circus игра green balloon, and points for the blue balloon. A new row of balloons instantly replaces the old one when the entire row is destroyed. Destroying all of the blue balloons causes another sound effect and allows the player to play one more time one clown after they have depleted their stock. The words "BONUS PLAY" appear to indicate this bonus, but destroying all of the blue balloons a second time will not allow the player to gain another clown the bonus can be activated while the player is using the extra clown. This circus circus игра differ in certain levels like 7 and 8, where all three rows of balloons must be destroyed in order to activate the bonus.

The player can continue circus игра they still have stock remaining, or if they have been rewarded the bonus play.

circus игра

If the player has reached over a certain number of points, they can play one more time like the balloon bonus the availability of this bonus may differ, as indicated in the list of rules shown after the player enters the credits. The player cannot gain another clown in the same way during this play bonus. Circus video game. Article Talk. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. WW : Circus игра [1] [2] [3].

Бонус на депозит букмекерская контора

Cash Box. December 31, Media Arts Database in Japanese. Agency for Cultural Affairs. Retrieved 24 May Germany ". The Arcade Flyer Archive. Retrieved Game Circus игра in Japanese. Amusement Press, Inc. February United States Copyright Office. Retrieved 1 June The Creative Atari. Creative Computing Press. ISBN Arcade flyer. Edward Valeau Howell Ivy [4]. Block breaker.

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Он начисляется после создания профиля и внесения депозита.

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Играть, зарабатывая баллы на указанном списке слотов.

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